Encouraged by the astonishing information that this site was viewed 8,000 times last year, I’ve decided to go for a bit of a re-boot to see in 2016.  Since I started it in June 2012, I’ve used what I hoped was the ironic blog title ‘Housing is Boring’.  This partly reflected what I saw as the generally poor coverage of the subject in the mainstream media, but also my doubts about the role of social media and my competence in using it.  I now realise the internet is here to stay and we live in a post-ironic age.  More seriously, going into the new year I want to avoid any perception that housing is anything other than very important because I think 2016 could be a critical one for deciding all of our housing futures.  So I’m going to be taking this site (if not myself I hope) more seriously and I’m renaming it ‘Housing Matters’ because it does.  Please bear with me while I try to carry out a few image changes and in the meantime best wishes for a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

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3 Responses to Re-Boot

  1. It’s all about the new sincerity Glyn! And yes, the Internet 😊.

  2. only just come across your blog. Housing is boring is amusing but can see why you’ve gone for the change. I look forward to reading through the archives and catching new posts.

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