48 hours to restore hope, unity and democracy in Tower Hamlets

Thursday’s election isn’t about me, it’s about us and the future of our community and country.  Locally, we’re seeing an unprecedented attack on local democracy.  Nationally,  the mainstream parties have taken us to a boring political stalemate.  In 48 hours we can vote for change.

Our campaign is gathering support almost by the minute, from a wide range of sources.  Amidst widespread political disillusionment, we’re offering an alternative – a worker’s MP, on a worker’s wage who will stand up and fight for public services and local democracy.

I’m not a career politician.  We’ve had enough of them!  We need a new generation of political representatives who are rooted in their local communities and prepared to make their voices heard about the need for council housing, public investment in our NHS and demand an end to privatisation and austerity.

We also need politicians prepared to speak out – and act – against the scourge of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia.  We need politicians who will make their voices heard about Palestine.

These have been the key themes of our campaign, but Tower Hamlets is now under attack.  We’ve seen the suspension of local democracy, the prescribing of a political party and the votes of 37,395 people thrown in the bin.  The judiciary, government and (shamefully) the Labour Party have all colluded in treating our borough like an unruly outpost of Empire.  We must strike back!

Please do everything you can between now and 10pm on Thursday to send a message to the political establishment – HANDS OFF TOWER HAMLETS!

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