Trash Tory Housing Plans

The Tory housing policy announced yesterday hardly needs more trashing than it’s already getting, but from a practical ‘housing management’ point of view (which is where I sit some of the time), I thought I’d add the following.

The council estate I work on is certainly among the most ‘valuable’ in the borough.  It’s in a property market ‘hot spot’, so a bedsit can sell for £325,000.  Based on the Tory plans, we would have to sell-off each home on the estate as it became empty.  Over the last year that would have meant we would have been unable to rehouse – in decent, secure, affordable accommodation –

1.  A woman with acute physical and mental health problems.

2.  Two families who had been living in overcrowded homes for years.

3.  A vulnerable young woman leaving care.

The truth is that by trying to kill-off council housing, the Tories hope to remove working class people from areas they think should be reserved for the wealthy.  It is a great shame that Labour’s housing policy has had very similar objectives.


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