Support Bryan Kennedy

Unite picket line 6.6.14

I’m just back from a Unite Housing Workers picket line in support of Bryan Kennedy who works for One Housing Group.  In a previous post, I wrote about why I don’t like housing associations.  What I didn’t add is that some of them are viciously anti-union.  Bryan has been suspended for the usual spurious reasons used by employers who victimise union activists and organisers.  Here are some extracts from the campaign leaflet demanding that Bryan is immediately reinstated.

Enough is Enough!

One Housing Group made a £36 million surplus last year, but their workers haven’t had a pay rise for 6 years.  Chief Executive Mick Sweeney had a pay rise of £20,000 this year, whilst cutting the pay of frontline staff by up to £8,000 each.  One Housing Group pays £3.79 per hour to night staff – a significant breach of the National Minimum Wage Regulations – and routinely breaches the Working Time Directive.  They are also refusing to allow their workers in new subsidiary ‘One Direct’ to be unionised.  And what do they do to Unite Shop Steward Bryan Kennedy who challenges them on these issues?  Suspend him!  We are on strike because we have had enough.  We voted 89% in favour of taking industrial action in support of our shop steward.’

The Unite members will be on strike again on Monday.

Messages of support can be sent to

Messages of protest can be sent to One Housing’s overpaid  boss –

Bryan’s case and One Housing’s conduct reveal , once again, the true face of big housing associations.

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