Housing, racism and the far-right

My column from today’s Morning Star is here.

I don’t indulge this in the article, but 1993 – 1994 on the Isle of Dogs was a very important time and place for me.  I was working in a local housing office so the tensions I describe were part of my daily experience.  Despite this, there was a sense of shock and anger amongst the local Council workforce when Beacon won, but one of my proudest moments was when we registered this by walking out in protest.  It was the ensuing campaign to get rid of the BNP that brought me and my partner together.  Beacon’s was gone within months, but we’ve been together ever since!

With these things and more in mind, I’ll be on the ‘Stand Up to Racism’ demonstration this Saturday, 22nd March.  Please come along.  It’s important.  (There are ways of publicising this via Facebook, hashtags and other things I don’t understand.  Please do what you can.)

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