What’s Up Doc? (My PhD)

There’s a story about someone inserting a ten pound note into their PhD thesis, replacing it on the library shelf, coming back ten years later and finding the tenner still there!  I’m exposing myself to even more embarrassment by launching my PhD into cyber space!

I don’t really believe in IP (who steals my intellectual property steals trash) so please feel free to use, quote etc. (provided you use the proper citations).

It’s broken down by sections (I’ve spared you the 200+ pages of Appendices, but happy to share)..  Click on the link and each should come up as a Word document.

‘Mixed Use Property Development and its place in UK Urban Policy’

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations, tables, maps and charts

List of Abbreviations


Chapter 1 – The Mixed Use Revival

Chapter 2 – Four Key Discourses

Chapter 3 – Policy and Planning

Chapter 4 – Methodology

Chapter 5 – How local authorities interpret and implement Mixed Use

Chapter 6 – Intro to case studies

Case Study 1 – Brindleyplace

Case Study 2 – British Street

Case Study 3 – Charter Quay

Case Study 4 – Greenwich Millennium Village

Case Study 5 – Royal Arsenal Riverside

Case Study 6 – Watney Street

Chapter 7 – Reflections on the Case Studies

Chapter 8 – Conclusions


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