Housing USA

I’ve written about what I see as the potential convergence of US and UK housing policy, but this is only part of a larger, long-held, guilty obsession with America.  I’ve tried to kick it, but I’m hooked and on Wednesday I’m flying out for my more or less annual visit.  I’ve got a busman’s holiday planned, visiting some places and people that may both confirm and confound Hollywood-generated images of the US.  Sharing some of these experiences was my main reason for having the presumption to think that anyone else might be interested in what I do or think and start a blog.  As my Guardian CiF article argues, I believe the worst aspects of US public and housing policy could have disastrous consequences for the UK and repeating this has become my Ancient Mariner-like warning to anybody who’ll listen.  But I also find qualities in American society that may be heretical for a socialist, but which I yearn for.  I hope to write about both – and more – during my trip, the ‘working itinerary’ for which includes a massive housing estate named after a northern English town and inspired by the co-operative movement, the progenitor of post-war American suburbs, a US interpretation of a garden city and a planned utopia.  I’ll also be taking part in a tenants’ conference in Washington DC (a fascinating city) which in election year, will bring me into contact with American people who don’t fit the stereotype.

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  1. Phil maxwell says:

    Glyn, welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to reading more!

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