‘Housing is Boring…’

…that’s what journalists think, which is why media coverage of housing is so poor.  ‘Housing is unimportant’: that’s what politicians think, which is why the Housing Minister isn’t in the Cabinet.  ‘Housing is complicated’: that’s what academics think, which is why most people switch off when they start talking about it.  ‘Housing is about money’: that’s what estate agents and neo-liberals think, which is why most people hate them.

This blog thinks housing is interesting, important, (fairly) simple and about more than house prices.

Above all, what makes housing interesting is that people live in it.  We all have a housing story to tell and housing can tell a story.

I’m going to tell a few of them over the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.

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One Response to ‘Housing is Boring…’

  1. Helen Watson says:

    Never knew you had a blog!! I have read the last two months worth and it’s all very interesting stuff. This furthers my theory that I do have interesting friends so someone, somewhere must find what I say interesting too. And the Housemartins did make every worthwhile social comment ever, it’s just that the tune was a bit shite. x

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